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Challenges in Not Using Leads in Your CRM: Data and Process

Saying you’re not going to use leads in your CRM is easy – and to be fair it’s the right thing to do. However, there are challenges in doing so. In this post we talk about the major data and process challenges you’ll need to address when standardizing on contacts and accounts (and not using leads) in your CRM.

Don’t Use Leads (Only Use Contacts) in Your CRM

The leads object is like a junk drawer in your house. It holds a little of everything, but you can never find what you’re looking for. Unfortunately, the reality in many B2B organizations is that this junk drawer (the leads object) represents a SIGNIFICANT part of the marketing and sales database. Marketing Converts advocates using contacts and accounts rather than the leads object.

The five (and a half) pillars of data usability

Data accuracy is critical but it’s not the only thing you should use to assess your marketing data. You also need to understand if it’s sparsely populated, if it’s precise enough, and how standardized it is amongst other things.

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