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Building the case for only using contacts in your CRM

Before you can switch over to just using contacts in CRM (and getting rid of leads), there are internal stakeholders to interview and others you need to influence. This post focuses on the departments you’ll want to speak with to understand their current use of leads and what your pitch deck needs to include when making the case for a contact only approach to CRM.

How to take a contacts-only approach to CRM

How do you actually mechanize a contacts only CRM strategy? Ideally, it’s from the start on the first day you activate your CRM. Unfortunately, 99.8% of us don’t have an opportunity to set up a new CRM from scratch without legacy data. This post brings you through Marketing Converts’ experiences and thinking on what you need to do in order to transition to a contacts-only approach to CRM.

Fallacy of THE Funnel

When I first arrived on the scene as a demand marketer over a dozen years ago, I did so armed with a spreadsheet model for the funnel I was going to fill with leads and pipeline opportunities. As spreadsheets go, it was sexy; and it played well both with my CEO and the board I had to report to every month. I could show the output from our marketing activities, and how those leads converted into pipeline and closed won business. It allowed me to calculate a return on our marketing investment. But that sexy spreadsheet didn’t make me a better marketer.