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Fallacy of THE Funnel

When I first arrived on the scene as a demand marketer over a dozen years ago, I did so armed with a spreadsheet model for the funnel I was going to fill with leads and pipeline opportunities. As spreadsheets go, it was sexy; and it played well both with my CEO and the board I had to report to every month. I could show the output from our marketing activities, and how those leads converted into pipeline and closed won business. It allowed me to calculate a return on our marketing investment. But that sexy spreadsheet didn’t make me a better marketer.

Marketing Acronyms Crossword Puzzle

“Kids today—who can understand them?” The same is true of B2B marketers. There are so many marketing acronyms that we use nonchalantly every day, that many of us neglect the fact that anyone outside our field (and likely many in it, too) are not entirely sure what’s being said.

Marketing Automation Interview Questions (Use-case based)

If you’re looking for a marketing automation power user, then odds are you want someone who actually knows the topic and isn’t taking credit for someone else’s work. Here are four marketing automation interview questions to ask anyone who claims they’re a marketing automation power user along with the responses to listen for.

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